the new year

I’ve always had my new years resolutions sound like rules to follow
dreams ready to achieve but never realized
goals that are set way too high to ever reach them
this year is different

number one
enjoying the little things has become an everyday task since everything started to seem not important enough to even stay alive for it

number two
finding love and forgiveness is achieved by loving and forgiving
I was holding grudges that enchained me to people or rather vultures that used my anger as fuel while I was drying out
this year I’ll try to keep myself free

number three
as a person who is more a listener than a talker
it’s hard to imagine how sometimes I am unable to listen to myself
my body tells me what it needs
just as my heart does
listening to my mind exchanging secrets with itself at night
I’ll know what I need
I’ll know what’s good for me
who’s good for me
I’ll listen to myself

three thoughts to live by
not rules or resolutions
but new year’s solutions
for old year’s problems

the new year